Giving women from developing economies better opportunities.


Who is it for?

RiseDAO is a not-for-profit DAO focused on giving women residing in developing economies better opportunities to establish themselves in the tech/NFT space, where opportunities might be scarce, and costs of acquiring cryptocurrencies such as ethereum prohibitive.


What is it for?

RiseDAO wants to help women artists by providing grants that cover gas and minting fees to sell art on NFT marketplaces. We want to support more diversity and inclusion by training women in coding/programming skills, in order for them to become junior programmers and/or creative coders. We believe appropriate mentorship makes a stark difference during a training program, so RiseDAO will provide a dedicated Discord channel where women tutors will be available for interactive chats and schedule private meetings to support grantees during their training. Financial aid for hardware and software acquisition might be provided.



How to apply

Artists applications will require the submission of a portfolio, and those selected will move onwards to an online interview, where the creative process and portfolio details will be discussed.

Candidates wishing to apply for the coding/programming training will be asked to submit a cover letter about their career and motivation to engage in the training. It is important to emphasize that RiseDAO wants to give women better opportunities to enter the technology sector and no previous background in coding/programming is mandatory. Selected candidates will be asked for an online interview.

Online selection meetings will be available in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) to facilitate communication and promote inclusion, and we hope to expand these in the future. However, all grantees are required to have basic English knowledge to participate in Discord chats and mentoring, as well as navigate NFT marketplaces.

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Support Rise DAO

Become a sponsor by contributing ETH to fund training and onboarding. Minimum contributions are set at 1 ETH. Contact us on Twitter or Discord for more details.


Join the project

Follow us on twitter and get involved on discord to know when applications open.